"Jesse Michels oozes great charm and is dripping in sex appeal which ensures the audience is riveted to his performance - but it's his gorgeous baritenor and prominent stage presence that guarantees this production of Joseph is appealing and we daresay noteworthy."

"The aforementioned Michels is terrific as Joseph, commanding the stage with a startling blend of confidence and bravado that serves the character well and provides the audience with an involving conduit to what transpires during the show. His performance of "Close Every Door to Me" is particularly moving with Michels showing much emotion and unexpected depth to bring the lyrics to life."

       -Jeffrey Ellis, Broadway World

​"Jesse Michels stars as Joseph, and he brings an amazing amount of charm and enthusiasm to his character. He's the standout talent in the production delivering dazzling vocals along the way."

      -Chad Young, The ​Nashville Parent

EMMETT in LEGALLY BLONDE- Arizona Broadway Theatre


TONY in WEST SIDE STORY- Arizona Broadway Theatre


"...As Emmett, Jesse Michels might be a little too handsome to play the romantic underdog, but he still manages a nice transformation from the frumpy TA to the man who lets Elle see who she truly can be. Michels also has a clear, strong voice"
     -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway

"Mr. Michels radiates a marvelous warmth and sensitivity and captures not just Elle's heart but the audience's as well"
     -Herbert Paine, Broadway World

"Some of the most memorable scenes were Tony singing ' Maria,' the duet with Maria and Tony singing ' Tonight'...as Tony, showing determination, optimism and steadfast drive. Mr. Michels, your characterization of Tony showed what true, innocent love is all about. This is what the word lead is all about"
     -Jay Horne, Peoria Independent 

"Michels’ early solos, "Something’s Coming" and "Maria," both capture that powerful, heartfelt spirit required of Tony, particularly with his Maria where Michel’s powerhouse voice echoes around the walls of the theatre..."
     -David Appleford, Valley Screen and Stage

 "Jesse Michels and Brittany Santos are exceptional as Tony and Maria. They both exhibit the yearning and desire for something new and different to come into their lives. Their clear voices soar on their solos and come together beautifully on their numerous duets. They create a genuine and realistic couple, full of desire and love..."
     -Gil Benbrook, Talkin' Broadway